The 10 All-Time Best Hitters against the Mariners throughout their History

Who has owned the Mariners in their respective careers? Let's take a look at who has done the best throughout their career against Seattle
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners
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No, please, no. Don't let the Mariners face these guys again

All but one of these guys are retired, but you get the point. These are players that, for their career, feasted on Mariners pitching. You just felt it in your gut that they were gonna do well at the plate against Seattle.

Wade Boggs: 236-691, .342/.433/.457, 51 2B, 7 HR, 83 RBI, 132 R

It can't be that much of a surprise to see one of the best hitters of the modern era start off this list. He played for so long, beore Interleague play mostly, that he raked up appearances against all the AL teams. Only the Yankees and Sox, who he played the majority of his career for, saw less than 600 PA by Boggs against them. He hit better than .330 against 7 AL teams, but seemed to rip a double and score every time he came to the plate.

Carlos Delgado: 111-316, .351/.463/.728, 30 2B, 29 HR, 90 RBI, 80 R

This one sticks in my mind, and I wasn't surprised at all to see him on the list. Shoot, I expected it. It seemed like everytime the Mariners played the Blue Jays, Delgado was raking. 90 RBI in 316 AB? That's insane. Delgado normally had around 575 AB in a season, so that would project to 163 RBI in a full season... with over 50 homers and over 50 doubles.

Vladimir Guerrero: 157-462, .340/.408/.606, 31 2B, 30 HR, 95 RBI, 92 R

Here's the other one that fits in with Delgado. Vladdy just hit and hit and hit. He di nearly the exact same numbers as Delgado, but it took another 150 AB to get there. Vlad actually hit .340 or better against 6 teams in baseball, and 7 if you count his 10 games against the Nationals. He absolutely destroyed the Rangers and Phillies, posting .395/.461/.661 and .371/.465/739 slash lines against them, respectively.

Mike Trout: 211-658, .321/.428/.657, 37 2B, 54 HR, 135 RBI, 144 R

Is it really a surprise to see Mike Trout on here? That's about a full season worth of stats right there, just over with how often Trout walks, but you can see the damage. Trout plays at prime Trout levels against the Mariners, playing like an MVP in his 184 games against Seattle. He has 102 XBH against the Mariners, meaning that nearly half the time he gets a hit, it's going for two or more bases.

Rod Carew: 144-404, .356/.431/.458, 24 2B, 4 3B, 3 HR, 52 RBI, 67 R

I know I put an extra person in here, but they all needed to be mentioned. Can you really say that any of them weren't Mariners killers? Carew didn't have the power of the others or the AB of Boggs, but he has the highest BA all-time against the Mariners with at least 300 AB against them. Then, here are the All-Time leaders in some key stats, in case you weren't upset enough.

AB: Cal Ripken Jr - 882
2B: Garret Anderson - 56
3B: George Brett & Mike Trout - 11 each
HR: Mike Trout - 54
RBI: Rafael Palmiero - 143
R: Rickey Henderson - 145
SB: Rickey Henderson - 93
BB: Frank Thomas - 132

These guys all dominated the Mariners, hitting well against them whenever they saw them. 132 walks against the Big Hurt is wild to me, and so is 93 steals by Rickey. Trout is just going to keep climbing this list pending his health. I think we can all agree in saying that we don't want to see any of these guys step to the plate against the Mariners anytime soon.