SoDo Mojo's (un)official Hall of Fame Ballot - Will former Mariners make the cut?

The Baseball Hall of Fame will be inducting its newest members today, Will former Mariner Adrian Beltre make the cut?
Seattle Mariners v Boston Red Sox
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Players with one or two votes: David Wright, Andy Pettitte, Jimmy Rollins, Mark Buehrle and Torii Hunter

Out of this crop of players, we find my first two votes - Andy Pettitte and Mark Buehrle. I voted for Andy Pettitte because he is one of the winningest pitchers in the postseason. His postseason record is 19-11, with a 3.81 ERA over 276.2 innings. He pitched an entire season plus some in the playoffs, His 19 career playoff wins are more than the Diamondbacks, Mets, White Sox, Brewers, Blue Jays, A's, Angels, Rockies, Orioles, Twins, Padres, Mariners, Pirates, Reds, Marlins over the last 20 years. Yes, he played on some of the best Yankees teams ever, but he was a big part of that team and a big reason they won so many games.

Andy also racked up 60.2 WAR in his regular season, more than Ichiro (60.0), Yogi Berra (59.5), Vladimir Guerrero (59.5) and Mike Piazza (59.5). All are Hall of Famers except Ichiro, who will be on next year's ballot. Pettitte is a 5x World Series champ and a 3x All-star. He received Cy Young votes in 5 different seasons, finishing 2nd in 1996. Yes, his career ERA is just 3.85. But try to remember the era he played in, the steroid era. Guys like Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGuire, and others were king in the 90's and early 2000's. Andy Pettitte deserves to at least be in the conversation of the Hall of Fame, and I was disappointed to be one of two people to vote for him.

Mark Buehrle may be one of the last great workhorses we will see in baseball, maybe ever. From 2000-2015, Buehrle did not reach at least 200 innings twice. Once in his rookie year (51.1 innings) and in his final season (198.2). 14 straight 200+ innings is a feat most pitchers today cannot even dream of. He threw a perfect game and a no-hitter and won the 2005 World Series for the Chicago White Sox. When I voted for Buehrle, I knew he wouldn't be getting in. I just think he deserves some recognition, and there should be at least a conversation for him.