SeaSide Thoughts: Mariners wake up, have best week of season

The Mariners have turned things around in the last week, and leave Colorado with a .500 record thanks in larger part to Cal Raleigh aka Big Dumper
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies
Seattle Mariners v Colorado Rockies / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages
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Welcome back JP and Julio

Of all the concerning parts of the team's 6-10 beginning, arguably the most concerning part for me was the brutal start by JP Crawford and Julio Rodriguez. Even with the additions of Mitch Garver, Mitch Haniger, and Jorge Polanco, it felt like this offense would ride or die on how far JP, Julio, and Cal Raleigh could take them.

Before the Cincinnati series, both JP and Julio were not only hitting under .200, but they were in the top 30 for worst WRC+ players in the league through 16 games. They are not all the way back to their 2023 star level performances, but they are heating up.

In his last five games, Crawford is slashing .273/.360/.724 with a 426ft monster triple to help the Mariners finish off a series win in Colorado. While I do believe that 2023 was probably the peak of Crawford's powers, that doesn't mean he can't still be a cornerstone player. If he can keep up the way he played last week, the Mariners offense will continue to heat up.

Another reason why the M’s offense is continuing to heat up, is that Julio is starting to go nuclear, but in a unique way. His defense and base stealing has been dominant for the most part this season, and while he had been heating up the last two weeks, his last 6 games have reminded me of a Mariners legend that used to roam in right field.

In Julio's last 6 games, he is slashing a wild .464/.483/1.019, and has 24 hits in 22 games, on pace for 177 hits this season. These are unbelievable numbers and while Julio should threaten to hit well over .280 this season, his lack of power is absolutely stunning.

Through 22 games, Julio has yet to homer and has only two doubles. It's cold in April, and Julio has shown to be a slow starter, but his lack of power has to pick up soon, right? Look out when it does.