SeaSide Thoughts: Hey Mariners, Spring Training is over, right?

A rough second week has Marinersville on edge as the Mariners look like they're still in Peoria
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers
Seattle Mariners v Milwaukee Brewers / John Fisher/GettyImages
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We're officially ten games into the 2024 Seattle Mariners season, and if you look on social media, it looks like the season is already over. The Mariners are sitting at a disappointing 4-6, and are pretty fortunate to have more than 2 wins at this point.

After winning the opening game of their home series against the Guardians, the Mariners offense, defense and pitching looked inept, as the M’s lost the series even with Castillo and Kirby pitching.

Heading to Milwaukee and hoping a controlled climate might get the team kick-started, the Mariners lost two out of three against the “rebuilding” Brewers. A nice victory on Saturday was sandwiched between a brutal 4 BB’s walk off by Andres Munoz on Friday and a 12-4 drubbing on Sunday.

Let's go over some of my thoughts on what has been a brutal start to a pivotal season in Seattle.

Mariners' SeaSide Thoughts: Week 2

No Offense but…

This offense stinks so far. There's really no way around it, the offense that was supposed to be more consistent and more about contact than power-hungry, has been arguably the most disappointing in baseball so far.

If they wanted less power, they accomplished their goal. The Mariners currently sit tied for 25th in baseball, with just 7 home runs. The Mariners are 23rd in average, 28th in OPS, 25th in runs, 26th in walks, and 3rd in strikeouts.

JP Crawford, Julio Rodriguez, Jorge Polanco, Mitch Garver, Luke Raley, and Dominic Canzone are all hitting below or just barely above .200 right now. That's just simply not going to cut it. Getting Ty France back from paternity leave should not get me as excited as I currently am.