New Mariners Nike home jersey leaks and it looks horrendous

The new jerseys, designed by Nike, have leaked for 2024. Sorry Mariners fans, but you want nothing to do with this year's iteration of jersey. They are horrible
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

I'm warning you right now before we even get into this. Go get a garbage can, a giant bowl, or post up near a toilet. You might need it after looking at this abomination that was released from Nike and Fanatics for 2024. I'm sorry Mariners fans, but you are going to want nothing to do with this year's iteration of jersey.

There is no doubt about it. The jersey on the right should immeadiately be pulled from the shelves. The fact that a major league team is selling that, and that it is done via Nike and Fanatics, two MAJOR manufacturers that should know better, is gross. Expecting fans to pay money, and good money, for that joke of a jersey is an insult.

The 2024 uniforms by Nike (and Fanatics) are disgusting

If you can, head out there and try and buy last year's version. You would be getting a superior product at a cheaper price than the disgusting version that is being put out this year. You may be thinking "Hey, these are only the replica ones, right? The on-field ones have to be better."

Right? RIGHT?

Sorry, you would be wrong there as well. The on-field jerseys are gross. Every team is going through it. Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas mentioned that players are unhappy, they don't fit right, pants aren't as customized, and the fabric is a different consistency. Another player mentioned that they look cheap.

Was George Costanza in charge of this decision or something?

Check out the on-field jerseys that are going to be worn.

Are you kidding me? I create better jersey's in MLB the Show spending 5 minutes just trying to quickly do it. They literally could've pulled the top voted jersey creations off of that game and got better results. You could've paid by 8-year-old $10 and gotten better results than this.

Please, Mariners' fans, do not buy these. It's not the Mariners fault, as it's a bigger deal and one that all teams are facing stemming from Nike and Fanatics. Do not buy these. Go buy something else. Go buy a knockoff Etsy jersey. Buy one from overseas. There are tons of options better than this, and it's embarrassing for baseball to have something like this out there.