MLB The Show 24 is out: Here are some early Mariners' thoughts on the game

MLB The Show is here! We are here to provide early reactions to the game, and which Mariners popped out early.

Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners / Aaron Doster/GettyImages

MLB The Show 24 is here! After playing a couple hours of the early release (On PS5), some big things stand out. This iteration of the game already stands out as one of the better releases in recent memory. Sports games can get boring as they tend to rinse and repeat. However, this year's release of The Show pays attention to some of the finer details that should get fans excited with things like implementing the step off counter and player appearance.

The game is so smooth to play. The feel of the game feels as smooth as J.P. playing shortstop. The graphics in the game are updated and add to the feel of the game. The flow of players' hair, the smoothness of running, fielding, and hitting just feel at a different level of ease that fans of the game will notice and appreciate. One big thing I can applaud San Diego Studios on is the players' facial/body realism. The one that stood out to me was the new Mariners second baseman, Jorge Polanco. Polanco's virtual self served him justice and showcased the detail put into the game.

My first homerun hit in the game was by our beloved Mitch Haniger at 411 feet and a 101.8 exit velo. Early advice though, Mitch has low ratings in the game and can be replaced. After playing some franchise mode, I moved to Road To The Show.

RTTS is new and exciting, you still build your player and pick traits, but there seems to be more interaction with your agent and the team early on. Playing in the 4-day draft combine you can really boost your stock as an MLB prospect. You'll get an early chance to impress scouts in individual drills and then move to game action to prove yourself in the draft process. Plus, you can let fate decide where you end up, or pick your team if you want your RTTS player to rep the Mariners.

Overall, MLB The Show 24 has impressed early. The game seems to have taken a step forward, adding some new Diamond Dynasty legends that will be covered in the future, the addition of women's involvement in the sport, and new features that keep players engaged in gameplay. Of note, the Mariners are a solid franchise to start with, and if the early simulations come to truth, a playoff team.