Mariners Trade Rumors: Why going after Devin Williams could give them the greatest bullpen trio ever

Matt Brash... Andres Munoz... and Devin Williams?!?! If the Mariners traded for the Brewers star reliever, they could have one of the most dominant trios ever
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One
Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One / John Fisher/GettyImages

The Mariners have been, arguably, the most active team in baseball this offseason. They've made some free agent moves, but even more trades so far to improve their team. We've talked about it already, but they have made so many moves that their starting lineup has more new faces than it does returning faces.

Could they make more moves? With the Brewers recently trading over Corbin Burnes to the Baltimore Orioles, it instantly made fans wonder if the Brewers would keep making moves. Then, it came out that it was the case that the Brewers were open to listening on the rest of their players, including their star reliever, Devin Williams.

If the Mariners traded for Devin Williams, they'd have an all-time dominant bullpen

Could you imagine how you would feel having to face the Mariners in a series if they got a reliever like Devin Williams? Imagine having to face these six pitchers in a three-game series to open the playoffs.

Luis Castillo - 7 Innings
George Kirby - 7 innings
Logan Gilbert - 6 innings
Matt Brash - 2 innings
Andres Munoz - 2 innings
Devin Williams - 2 innings

That leaves one inning for someone else to throw, and that's it. I get all excited thinking about it, and I think they instantly move towards the top of the conversation for the greatest bullpen trio to ever grace a team in the same season, pushing the recent holder of such a title, the 2014-2015 Kansas City Royals, off of their throne.

What would it take to get Williams, though? With 2 years and about $18M left on his deal thanks to a club option opt-in for 2025, It means that he won't cost a ton, but he won't come over for a pittance, either. Here is what something could look like for a trade for the Brewers All-Star reliever, Devin Williams.

Mariners receive: RP Devin Williams
Brewers receive: OF Jonatan Clase, SS Michael Arroyo, RP Ty Adock

Here are the thoughts on it. The Mariners have to trade Clase, and I hate it. Clase is my favorite prospect, but would give the Brewers a young speedy OF who could see a possible September callup, and a real shot at 2025 to be paired with Frelick as the face of the team going forward in their outfield.

Then, they get Arroyo from a suddenly decently deep position of the Mariners with Young, Emerson, Celesten, Peete, and Bliss. (Even if some of them end up as second baseman). Lastly, you get Ty Adcock. He is by no means Devin Williams, but gives the Brewers someone they can instantly put into their bullpen for 2024 as a middle reliever.

Would either team do this? After seeing what they got for Burnes, you have to think that it would take something like this to make it happen. I don't know that the Mariners would give up a much better prospect than Clase, because then you start getting into the realm of Ford, Montes, Emerson, Young, or Locklear, and I don't know that the Mariners would look to move one of them in this scenario, instead trading two good prospects instead of one of their top 5.

If the Mariners and Brewers were able to come to an agreement on something like this, it would make the Mariners bullpen downright scary. Thinking that you get a breather after getting through Castillo, Kirby, or Gilbert... and then having to face Brash-Williams-Munoz to finish out the game is nightmare worthy. If the Brewers are interested, then I think that the Mariners have to make it happen.