Mariners right the ship against Oakland with multiple strong showings by the offense

The Mariners have been waiting for their offense to show up, and in the series against the Athletics, it happened twice en route to another series win
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Mariners made it back home after a frusturating road trip that saw them go 3-4. After a great series win, they lost the four game series to the Twins, dropping them out of the AL West lead. With a series against Oakland set to happen over the weekend, they were going to need to focus up against a team that was fighting to get to .500, and had been playing some strong ball lately.

While Oakland's pitching is leaps and bounds better than 2023, it still has its weaknesses, and the Mariners jumped on them in game one, even if it took a few innings to do so. Game One was the Dylan Moore game, as the Mariners' uber-utility man took over. He notched a career high five RBI in the game, going 3-4 with a homer en route to the Mariners 8-1 win to open the series.

The Mariners' offense showed up when it mattered against the Athletics

It stunk to see Bryan Woo removed from the game early, but it does truly sound like it was for precautionary reasons, and Servais expects him to make his next start. He looked good, which was a welcome sign for the Mariners with how Emerson Hancock has been performing this season. Woo allowed only one hit and one walk through his 4.1 IP.

In one of those wierd baseball things, the Mariners would lose game two to the same score that they won game one, a total of 8-1. Bryce Miller threw incredibly well, giving up two through six innings while striking out nine. It was the bullpen that blew up in this one, as the three relievers gave up eight runs. The offense was putrid, with just three hits and no walks throughout the game. Thankfully, and early Big Dumper blast kept it from being a shutout.

The final game was more like the first, as the Mariners offense was hot from the get go. They would light up Alex Wood, making him throw 60 pitches through two innings, and that was all he did before being removed. It was reminiscent of the Mariners vs Braves game that saw the Braves have a huge inning off of an error that otherwise would've seen no damage.

France got on due to an error to lead off the second inning. A walk, sacrifice, single, and sac fly saw the Mariners plate two, but if France would've gotten out, it would've been the end of the inning with no one scoring. Then... JULIOOOOOO!!!

He's been hitting the ball much better lately, and missed a second home run later in the game by literal inches as it bounced off the top ot the wall right next to the yellow line. Julio is starting to heat up, and if he does to his potential, the AL West needs to look out, as I believe the rest of the Mariners' offense will follow their leader.

The Athletics and Mariners would trade homers in the fifth inning as well as the sixth, and a Brent Rooker homer in the 8th would be too little too late as the Mariners closed out the series with an 8-4 win to take the series. Now, they'll look to continue their winning ways as they welcome the dangerous Kansas City Royals who come to town with a record of 25-17 and a +49 run differential.