Mariners Offseason Free Agency Target: Blake Snell should come home to Seattle

Arguably the most unique free agent pitcher in years happens to be a Seattle native, despite pitching being the team's strength, could they bring him home?
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With the World Series behind us, and another beast in the AL West having risen to torment the Mariners and their fans, it's more clear than ever that the current leadership group in Seattle needs a strong offseason. The Astros are aging, but they're still a legitimate top 5 team in baseball, and the Rangers on paper will be stronger in 2024 than this world championship team. Running it back with the 2023 Mariners squad is simply not going to be an acceptable outcome from the media and fans.

President Jerry Dipoto and GM Justin Hollander have a lot of work to do. This offense needs to replace Teoscar Hernandez in right field, as well as finding a true impact designated hitter to help guide this young offense. This doesn't even take into account the serious concerns I have about Eugenio Suarez, Ty France, and Jarred Kelenic being positive players in 2024.

In order to hang with the powers in the Lone Star state, the Mariners probably need 2 (probably 3) legitimate upgrades on offense to feel like that side of the roster is ready to win in October. So clearly the Seattle Mariners need to go get offense first this offseason, right? 

Wrong, Jerry and Justin (and probably John Stanton more than anyone) need to attack free agency first by going into the starting pitching market, and bring home a Seattle native, and one of the most unique and talented pitchers on the market, Blake Snell.