Mariners News: Brian Anderson, Edgar Martinez, and more in a Q&A session

You've got questions, we've got (hopefully good) answers. From Edgar Martinez to Brian Anderson, here is our debut edition of Mariners Q&A
Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
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We decided to do something new this year, and it'll be fun to see how it grows and evolves. Each week, we will be putting posts into the social media world (Facebook and Twitter/X) to see if you have any questions, and then we will do our best to answer them. In our first edition of the reader Q&A, we have just a few questions but it's about quality, not quantity! Strap in for a wide variety of fun inquiries about America's favorite team, the Seattle Mariners.

Will Edgar ever come coach for the Mariners?

In my humble opinion, Edgar Martinez is the most underrated hitter in baseball. Seattle was quite the small market team back in his heyday and he was on the West Coast, so many fans out East barely even knew who he was. Furthermore, he was a pure DH for most of his career, didn't hit an exorbitant amount of home runs every season, and was overall a pretty soft-spoken guy.

Despite slashing .312/.418/.515 over an excellent 18-year career, he had to wait until his last year of eligibility to be elected into the Hall of Fame. He likely wouldn't have made it in at all if not for his infamous 1995 ALDS double against the Yankees and further campaigning efforts of fellow teammates Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson.

Because of his illustrious career at the plate and commitment to playing in Seattle for the entirety of his career, he was actually brought on in 2015 to serve as a hitting coach. He was credited with making modest improvements to the team's hitting and even after Lloyd McClendon was fired as manager by the newly hired GM Jerry Dipoto, he was kept on board. He decided to step back from actively coaching the team in 2018 to have more personal time with his family and took on a broader role as a "hitting advisor" thereafter.

So technically he already has coached for the M's, although it's clear that it's not a career path he was interested in pursuing for very long. I actually had the privilege of meeting him very briefly at last year's All-Star Play Ball Park event and he seemed pretty content with how things have gone thus far and remaining on the sidelines for now. He's more than earned his place in Mariners history and doesn't have to prove anything else.