Mariners' Minor League talent shines with breakout stars emerging across affiliates

Harry Ford, Ben Williamson, and Lazaro Montes oh my, the Mariners' farm is raking to start the 2024 season.
San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
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Arkansas Travelers (14-9, 2nd place Texas League North)

The Travs have three of the Mariners' top 10 prospects toiling their wares in the Texas League. Cole Young, Harry Ford, and Tyler Locklear make a formidable top-of-the-lineup. Ford has finally settled into the Double-A level raking over the past two weeks. 

While it's exciting to see the youngsters start to catch on in a new league, Spencer Packard is the one to watch. He's flashing elite bat-to-ball skills and a great understanding of the strike zone (.404 OBP) from the two-hole. The 26-year-old outfielder is long overdue for a promotion and should be in Tacoma by mid-season. 

Logan Evans. What more can I say? The Mariners' 19-ranked prospect is slowly reigning in his control (14 SO/11 BB), but the stuff is electric. 

Evans has 50 grades across the board, and he's holding the opposition to a .217 average. The former Pitt Panther is one to watch, considering the Mariners love to elevate their top starts from Arkansas directly to the majors.