Mariners climb back into top 10 in latest power rankings

After a tough start, the Mariners are settling into the top 10, looking to do damage and move further up the power rankings.
Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles
Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

This Mariners club was a heavy favorite to be one of the top three or four teams in the AL. They had squarely put themselves into the conversation with the Yankees, Astros and Rangers. Yet, as the pitching has dominated like we expected, the offense fell flat on its face, like we did not expect.

The team struggled out of the gates, falling in Bleacher Reports' weekly power rankings, all the way down to number 26 on April 15th. We knew this team was playing badly but we also knew that there was no way that type of play could continue. The team had too much good pitching and could be serviceable enough in the lineup to squeak out a few wins.

The Mariners are now a top ten team in the power rankings

After a solid month or so from that point on, the Mariners had put themselves into the discussion for a top 10 team. This team is a lock to be a top 10 or 12 team with how good this pitching staff is; they could roll out the Tacoma Raniers, Triple-A lineup, and this team is still a top 12 squad in baseball, that's how good their pitching is.

The Mariners had put together a pair of solid series wins, against two World Series level teams in the Braves and Astros, that pushed them up into the number seven spot to start May. Losing three of four but taking two of the three against the A's had the Mariners drop to 12, which was rather surprising.

The Mariners played an impressive series at home against one of the better teams and surprising stories of 2024, as they took two of three against the Kansas City Royals. They were also able to take one against the Orioles; one of the hottest teams in the game kicked off a tough Mariner's road trip. The play over the last week has earned them the number 10 spot in Bleacher Reports power rankings.

The team had some incredible performances over the last week that have put the Mariners squarely in the top 10 conversation. Luke Raley has hit two home runs and has two stolen bases, with a .458 average and a 262 wRC+. Dylan Moore has filled in admirably in the absence of JP Crawford and had a great week of baseball, slashing .263/.391/.632 with a 190 wRC+. For everyone saying Julio is playing badly, look at his last 30 games. Julio has slashed .308/.352/.392. I know the slugging and power numbers are disappointing, but it will come, and when it does, boy, will it!

This team is surviving with a mediocre offense, but these are all players who are not what the back fo the baseball card says they are. Even though they come in at number 10 in this weeks power rankings, continued improvements from the offense could skyrocket this team into the top five very soon.