Mariners' catcher Garver leaves with injured hand, M's playing without DH

Mitch Garver was catching for the Mariners today and left the game with an injured wrist after being hit by the pitch.
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

Mitch Garver was hit in the right wrist back in the second inning of today's game. He stayed in the game to run after a long discussion with the trainer. After the second inning, the Mariners decided to pull Garver from the game possibly as a precaution. They moved Cal Raleigh from DH to catcher, which got rid of the Mariners' DH for the game. This means the pitchers' spot now takes on the sixth spot in the order where Mitch Garver had been hitting.

Cal Raleigh is typically the Mariners primary starting catcher, but was getting the day off at catcher, being used instead as a DH today. The Mariners no longer have Seby Zavala on the roster after releasing him recently. Meaning the Mariners have just two catchers on the roster Mitch Garver and Cal Raleigh. Since Garver was injured in the second inning of today's game, Raleigh was called upon to replace him out of the DH spot, being the only other catcher on the roster.

Luis Castillo does have some experience hitting, having been a starting pitcher in the NL. Could potentially have the opportunity to hit when his turn comes up in the order. Castillo's career slash line is .111/.128/.131, with five career RBI, and no home runs. Should be interesting to see what Castillo does if and when he comes up to hit.

Hopefully Mitch Garver will be okay

Mitch Garver leaving the game hopefully was just a precaution, as he is the only other catcher than Raleigh on the roster. He was in a ton of pain after being struck on the right wrist with a 92 MPH sinker back in the second inning. Garver did stay in to run, but did not come out to start the third inning at catcher. Wishing Garver well and hoping he does not miss time with this injury. The Mariners say it is a right wrist contusion.