Mariners 2023 Recap: Re-visiting 4 Positive Pivotal Moments from this season

Let's relive some of the high points from this past season.
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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2. Julio Rodriguez Makes History... A Couple of Times

To continue his short but already illustrious career, Julio Rodriguez accomplished two major things of note this season. Despite having what seemed to be a sophomore slump in the first half, his August put any and all detractors to rest.

He started by recording an astounding 17 hits in just four games, breaking the record of 16 hits in four games set by Milt Stock in 1925. He was also the second player in history to have four consecutive games of four hits or more. What is most impressive about this feat is how he avoided getting walked, expanding the zone and creating good contact on pitches that otherwise would have been called balls.

Julio also became the first player to record 25 home runs and 25 stolen bases in each of his first two seasons, an important accolade that emphasized just how valuable he was to the Mariners team this year and last.