Just how bad could things get for the 2024 Mariners? Here's what the floor could look like

If things go wrong, and we mean WRONG, just how bad could they get? Here is a look at the floor for the Mariners if things go bad in 2024

San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners
San Francisco Giants v Seattle Mariners / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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We had a feeling didn't we? After a brutal September collapse that saw the Seattle Mariners sitting at home watching the Astros and Rangers play for championships, we thought this, this is the floor.

Then we saw the end-of-season press conference by Jerry Dipoto, and the ensuing media backlash and mockery of the franchise for the 54% quotes and telling fans to be grateful. Ok, this has to be the floor, right?

Then free agency started and the years of dreaming about Shohei Ohtani and Blake Snell as Mariners were dashed. This hurts, finally the flo…

And then, we find out that the Mariners are broke! John Stanton and company are not technically broke, actually far from it. The slow and painful death of regional sports networks and bad business decisions have essentially tanked Root, as well as the local TV providers jacking up the prices for fans in the local market. Essentially ownership put a ton of eggs in a rotten basket, and now that the franchise appears ready to take off, ownership has clipped leadership’s wings. Please make it stop, the floor, this has to be the floor!

We had a feeling, despite all the good that came from most of 2021, 2022, and 2023, a reckoning was coming. A reckoning for this franchise, its players, coaches, leadership and fans. This year felt like it had to be a jump, or people would start jumping ship.

This is the 2024 Seattle Mariners season, if they hit the floor