JP Crawford had a fantastic 2023, but did MLB 100 rank him high enough?

JP Crawford had a great 2023 season. Is it going to repeat in 2024? Did MLB 100 give him enough respect? Let's look at where he ranks heading into next season.
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We've said it plenty of times so far across the offseason, but JP Crawford had one of the biggest breakout seasons in 2023 from any player. Not only did he take a jump, but he gave the Mariners a seriout offensive threat at SS that the Mariners were able to use to their advantage by having one of the better shortstops in baseball, as well as one of the better leadoff hitters in baseball.

Here's the question, though. Did MLB 100 give him enough credit in their rankings this offseason? Was the massive increase in his numbers in 2023 enough to get him into serious consideration in 2024, at least from the MLB in their rankings? Well, you can once again see that they grouped players by position, doing it for JP and a couple of other shortstops.

JP Crawford is T-7th for SS heading into 2024, just inside the top 70

You can argue that Crawford is 9th, as he ranked 69th with Dansby Swanson at 67th and Carlos Correa at 68th. Correa might just be the most confusing person in all of baseball, since he would by an MVP... while at the same time possibly losing time to a prospect if he struggles like he did in 2023.

Let's call him T-7th though as we have in the past. SS is a deep position, and the group of 6 in front of him is pretty strong. Seager (6th), Turner (16th), Bobby Witt (20th), Lindor (25th), Bichette (35th), and Bogaerts (53rd) all rank well ahead of them. All of them make sense, even if Crawford had a better offensive season than many of them. However, they likely all have a higher ceiling or a better track record than Crawford.

If Crawford can repeat what he did in 2023, hitting .265/.380/.435, with around 20 HR, then we are going to see him jump into the top 5 for sure. Crawford had a great 2023, is deserving of being in both the top 10 shortstops and top 70 players, and will look to put continued work at Driveline into continuing to improve his stats.