If the Price is right, would the Mariners pull the trigger on a trade for Juan Soto?

If the Mariners once again decided to look to the trade market instead of Free Agency, what would it take for them to pull the trigger on a deal for Juan Soto... and would it be worth it?
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres
Seattle Mariners v San Diego Padres / Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/GettyImages
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Mariners send out: RHP Bryce Miller, OF Gabriel Gonzalez, RHP Walter Ford
Padres sent out: OF Juan Soto

This is the younger/longer term plan that the Padres could go after. You immediately get a pitcher that you can slot into your rotation to replace the Gore piece that you sent out to get Soto. Bryce Miller showed immense talent in 2023, and tickles everyone's ceiling by comping to Spencer Strider with his "rising" fastball. If that's the headliner, I think the teams would be on the right track.

It would take more than that, though. With a lot of weapons still in San Diego, the Mariners could send them two minor leaguers that are a ways off still in Gonzalez and Walter Ford. Ford AKA the Vanilla Missile, is still young and raw at 18 years old. He's already started gaining experience though, throwing 22+ innings in Rookie Ball this year.

Then, in Gonzalez, the Padres get another youngster, albeit with a fair amount more experience. He's seen over 1000 AB over the last three seasons. He crushed A-ball pitching, but struggled a bit against High-A. He's young so it's not a worry, and does show a nice blend of power/speed.