How will the Mariners do in 2024? Fans and Sodo Mojo predict what will happen this year

The season is nearly upon us, so let's look at some Mariners' season projections. It won't just be the folks at Sodo Mojo, but from some of the fans as well.

Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Two
Wild Card Series - Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Two / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages
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Ryne DeGroot: 92-70: Win the AL West

In 2024, the Seattle Mariners will win the AL West with a 92-70 record. Mitch Haniger will win Comeback Player of the Year in the AL. The Mariners pitching staff will have 3 SP in the top 10 of the Cy Young vote with one of them winning the award. All of this will cumulate with the Marienrs as the AL representative in the World Series.

Chris O'Day: 93-69: Win the AL West

It's so easy to go through this with Rose-Colored glasses on, predicting the best and wanting to be as positive as possible. Part of it is homerism, but it's also just a fun and enjoyable way to do it. I'm going to lean positive on it. Brash comes back in Mid-April. Bryan Woo comes back at the end of April. Gregory Santos comes back in Mid-May after they take their time with his shoulder. The Mariners rotation shines to stat the year, and they are 17-13 at the end of the month.

They play okay in May and June, but it's nothing special. They actually find themselves well behind the Astros at the All-Star Break, as they are 53-45, but the Astros are 57-39. They start picking up steam that first week after the break, and send off some prospects for a relatively big-name hitter. Is it Nolan Arenado? Who knows, but they make a move to show that they are serious contenders.

A red-hot August sees them not only catch, but pass the Astros. They sit at 76-60 heading into September with a 2-game lead, and the Rangers playing just as well sitting only 3 games back. The Mariners never let off the gas, and finish out the month 17-9 to go 93-69, winning the division by 2 games over the Rangers, who actually played better than the Mariners after the break, but early struggles held them back from the division title.

The Mariners earn the 2-seed, and a first round bye. They end up playing the Twins (AL Central winners and #3 seed), taking them out in 4 games. They move on to face the Astros, because of course they do. No repeat of 2022 though, and the Mariners take them out in 6. They make their first ever World Series, but run into the Braves. It ends up being a fantastic and amazing season, the Mariners get a couple of World Series games in Seattle, but lose in 6 to the juggernaut Atlanta team.

Chris O'Bryant: 94-68: Win the AL West

Let's do some quick hits here. Julio Rodriguez, George Kirby, and Cal Raleigh all make the All-Star Game. Both Mitch Haniger and Mitch Garver hit 30+ homers. Julio gets to the rarifed air of a 40/40 season. Emerson Hancock ends up finishing the season in the rotation. Lastly, two of the Mariners top 10 prospects are traded for an impact player at the deadline.

Let's hope that the Mariners push for 90+ wins this season. Go Mariners!