How are members of the 2023 Mariners doing on their new teams?

Let's check in on some former Mariners who were with the team in 2023, but have moved on to new locations for the 2024 season
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The 2024 Mariners have been a very frustrating team to watch. A team that put so much focus this offseason into cutting out strikeouts and finding higher-contact players is failing miserably in that category. The Mariners currently sit with the fourth most strikeouts in baseball and are T-7th for fewest runs scored.

The Mariners are currently 12-11 and are first in the AL West division. The fact that this team is now in first place in the division despite the performances of the struggling offense holding back a historical pitching run should be seen as a positive. This team has too much talent to be a borderline .500 team.

With all of the roster turnover and new starters in five of the nine offensive positions, there were bound to be some hits and some misses. With all of the departures, there are also expected to be some players that the team will certainly regret letting go of, and others they will be happy are gone. Today we take a look at the Mariners from the 2023 roster and how they are performing in the 2024 season.

Eugenio Suarez

Perhaps the most surprising departure from the Mariners' 2023 roster was the Gold Glove level third baseman. The Mariners placed an emphasis on reducing strikeouts and Suarez became a casualty of that focus. So far in 2024, Suarez has hit in the middle of the Diamondbacks lineup, but his regression seems like it is continuing. He is slashing .244/.320/.367 with two home runs. Though his strikeout rate is down to 25.5%, he just hasn't been able to bounce back like a lot of Mariners fans thought he would.

Marco Gonazlez

Where Geno was the most surprising, losing Marco may be the most painful, both from the roster construction and a sentimental standpoint. Marco was the heart of a team that went through some struggles, and he has been just a great person to root for. Marco has been really solid for the Pirates, throwing 17 innings, with an impressive 2.65 ERA. His peripheral numbers (5.8 K/9 and 2.6 BB/9) won't wow you, but that is how Marco has always done it. This hurts, but I am happy Marco has found success again with the Pirates.