Free agent rankings by position for the Mariners in advance of the Winter Meetings

The winter meetings are right around the corner, and moves are likely going to be made soon. Here are the positions of need the Mariners need to look at

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Mariners position of need #2: Starting Pitching

Okay, hear me out. The Mariners don't need Starting Pitching at all. We all know that the rotation has one of the highest ceilings in baseball, especially as these guys turn into vets instead of wet behind the ear youths. It's the fact that pitchers want to come to Seattle. You have Blake Snell that supposedly wants to come pitch here, and there are reports that the Mariners are in on Yoshinobu Yamamoto, the top pitcher on the market who is coming over from Japan.

You sign one of these guys, and then you can trade from a position of depth to get a hitter. It might be the way that the team has to do it since they can't seem to sign hitters. I have to bring it up, the most money that Dipoto and crew have spent on a hitter in free agency was the AJ Pollock contract at 1YR/$7M. Gross.

Whether it's with Tampa, St. Louis, or someone else entirely, there are plenty of teams out there looking for controllable pitching, and the Mariners have a lot of it.