Free agent rankings by position for the Mariners in advance of the Winter Meetings

The winter meetings are right around the corner, and moves are likely going to be made soon. Here are the positions of need the Mariners need to look at
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Mariners position of need #3: Third Base

This still makes me mad. I defend the process, cause I do want to believe that Dipoto and Hollinger are operating in a difficult set of circumstances handed down by Stanton. That they are dealing with a finite amount of money, and aren't able to spend to the levels that a team of this market and that brings in as much profit as they do should be spending.

Just look at the Urias trade and the Geno trade. Urias has a good ceiling, but if he doesn't hit it, you added an okay UTIL player and a risky bullpen piece in place of a growing bullpen piece, your clubhouse leader, and to save $7M. Not okay.

However, it could work out if they do spend that money to sign a 3B. Then it all makes sense.

Urias is actually the low cost option here since it already happened. I'll leave it at that for now.

It becomes weird here, as I don't believe that it would be smart what it would take to get Matt Chapman. The Mariners need a bat, not the defense, so it doesn't fit the needs of the team. It's why I'm leaving the focus on Jeimer Candelario. I think he would be a great signing for the Mariners, and I know that a lot of the other great people here at Sodo think the same thing.