Five Stats that Stand Out from the Mariners Best Month in Team History

The Mariners, for the first time in team history, have won more than 20 games. Let's check out some of the more impressive stats from their winningest month in team history.

Seattle Mariners v Cincinnati Reds
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Reason #3: Teoscar Hernandez

Just when we are ready to give up on Teoscar Hernandez, he remembers that he is really good at hitting baseballs. It doesn't seem that long ago (let's be honest, it wasn't) that Mariners fans were fed up with Teo, and the rumors were flying that the team was going to offload him somewhere else, just like they did with Sewald. They had gotten an outfielder in the Sewald trade, and it seemed like Teo was gone.

Instead, he has turned into one of the better hitters in baseball in the month of August. For the month, he would slash .365/.396/.654. However, it's somewhat similar to Julio, in that his second half of the month was outstanding. Over the last 15 games, Teo would go .422/.449/.797 with 6 2B, 6 HR, and 22 RBI. This was highlighted by the 5-hit game on August 15th and the 6-RBI game on August 26th.

Teo, paired with Julio, made for a dangerous punch in the lineup. With Rojas and Crawford setting the table around the turn, it made for the potential for a lot of runs from the Mariners. They hit .285/.371/.493 as a team, scoring the 5th most runs, hitting the 4th most doubles and 4th most homers, walking the 4th most, and stealing the 3rd most bases. When you have offense like that, it's a lot of fun.

Especially when you have good pitching.