Five Fantastic Performances by the Mariners in 2023

Seattle Mariners v San Francisco Giants
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Ty France, Cal Raleigh
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Game 5: Ty France Had a Red Letter Day Against the Royals in Kansas City (August 15, 2023)

Both teams were getting runs in this game. In the ninth, the game was tied, 8-8. That day, Ty France had 4 hits from 6 at bats.

The Mariners had earned seven runs in the fourth inning against what Aaron Goldsmith called a “pesky team.” I assessed that this team was made up of fighters. First, Bobby Witt hit a grand slam for the Royals in the bottom of the fifth. The score was SEA 7, KCR 5. In the top of the seventh, the Mariners increased their score to eight with a double from Hernandez that sent Suarez home.

In the bottom of the ninth, Kansas City caught up. With walks and line drives, the Royals tied Seattle at 8 apiece.

In the top of the 10th inning, Tucker Davidson hit Jose Caballero with a pitch. Then the Royals intentionally walked Julio Rodriguez. With a single to center field, Ty allowed Cade Marlowe (man placed on 2nd in extra innings) and Caballero to score.

Tayler Saucedo got the first three players out in the bottom of the tenth and the Mariners won the game! This game was a great team effort assisted by Ty France.

These games were far from being the only fantastic performances in 2023. Good luck, Seattle, in 2024! Be fantastic!