What to expect (other than Good Vibes Only) From Eugenio Suarez in 2023 for the Mariners

Division Series - Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros - Game One
Division Series - Seattle Mariners v Houston Astros - Game One / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

There are certain things in life that bring you joy. Maybe it's being out on the golf course. Maybe it's enjoying the quiet on the way home from work. Maybe it's being around your family. Or maybe, it's Good Vibes Only and watching the joy and excitement that Eugenio Suarez plays with.

I know that brings me joy. He's a big part of this incredible group that the Mariners have managed to put together. Good clubhouse guys that are good players as well. Ones that love the game and show their happiness and swag day in and day out. Eugenio Suarez is definitely one of those guys, and the Mariners seemed to embrace the "Good Vibes Only" mantra in 2022.

It helps, of course, that he's good as well. After struggling with a shoulder issue while in Cinci as well as being tasked with playing SS, Geno found health and a more consistent home at third base in Seattle. He held his own there in 2022, just falling short of average with a -0.1 dWAR. I'll take that all day with what his attitude and bat brings to the team.

Last year tied for the best offensive season of his career, per oWAR at least. He had a 4.2 oWAR and a 3.9 WAR while compiling a .236/.332/.459 slash line and a 129 OPS+. He also hit 31 HR for the second year in a row, powering the Mariners offense as the team leader in homers.

I think people tend to forget the power that Suarez has. Over the last five seasons, he is second in HR hit behind only Aaron Judge. That's incredibly impressive. He had a three-year stretch in Cincinnati, from 2017-2019, when he hit .271/.364/.521 with a 127 OPS+ and 109 HR. Suarez can hit, plain and simple.

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I promise I won't be giving every hitter great numbers, but i do think it is a legit possibility that we see a lot more offense from the Mariners lineup with the additions that they have made and the experience that they have gained over the last season. With Julio having a full year under his belt, a healthy Cal Raleigh, and Teoscar Hernandez, I think Suarez could sneakily put together a great season and approach the 5.0 WAR mark for the Mariner sin 2023.