Early 2024 Options at Second Base for the Mariners

Washington Nationals v Seattle Mariners
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Trade Option: Jonathan India

Jonathan India
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Whether India gets traded before the August 1 deadline or during the upcoming offseason, you have to think the Mariners will be one of the top teams interested. The Reds have a logjam in their infield with young infielders like De La Cruz, McLain, Steer, and Encarnacion-Strand. Don't forget the Reds two top prospects are Noelvi Marte and Edwin Arroyo both infielders that the Mariners sent to the Reds in the Luis Castillo trade last year.

India has had a bounce back year this year and has shown why he was the NL Rookie of the year in 2021. This year India's slashline is .251/.338/.411, with 14 homeruns and 12 stolen bases. Mariners would get three years of India as he is not set to be a free agent until 2027. The Mariners and Reds matchup great because we have a plethora of pitching prospects that would interest the Reds.