Ahead of the Trade Deadline, Should the Mariners call the Reds about Jonathan India?

Seattle Mariners v Cincinnati Reds
Seattle Mariners v Cincinnati Reds / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The Mariners have been playing with a big hole at second base for quite a while. It's unfortunate, because they have tried to take steps to filling that void. Ask the majority of Mariners fans, and they would've expected Adam Frazier or Kolton Wong to do better while there. Are we heading down the same road by looking at Jonathan India?

Short answer... no.

I think this is a totally different situation. This doesn't mean that we should just give up whatever the Reds ask for in a deal for him, but we still need to give up some value for a player like India. He's an okay defender, but it seems like infielders get a nice defensive boost when they sign with the Mariners. So let's go ahead and call him an average defender with room to improve as he reaches his prime years, despite the poor defensive season in 2022.

He had a dominant Rookie season in 2021, resulting in him winning RoY, in which he hit .269/.376/.459. He had 21 HR to show you a potential for power, but is likely going to be a low-mid teens guy there if he comes to Seattle. He does have speed though, stealing 12 that rookie season, and has 12 this season already. India could definitely be a .255/.340/.425 hitter for the Mariners, a smart baserunner who walks at a good clip and doesn't strike out a ton.

He's hitting the ball harder this year (89.5 mph), and going oppo more than ever as well. The babip is down, which makes me think he is more capable of pushing into the mid-high 260s, which means a lot more than it did 20 years ago. At just 26, the Mariners would be getting a young second baseman to fill the role through 2026, as he becomes a UFA after that season.

So, what would the Mariners need to give up? Well, I's sorry reds fans, but I dont think that you are getting Bryce Miller or Bryan Woo for India. With the difference in service time, that's a lot more control on those two than it would be for India. If the Reds want to send something else over to try and get one of those guys along with India, then that's a conversation to have.

However, I think the Mariners would try and go about it the other way. Both teams need something the other one has, and arguably has a surplus of.

Mariners send: Emerson Hancock and one of Isaiah Campbell, Ty Adcock, Travis Kuhn
Reds send: Jonathan India

Here's the thought process. Hancock has thrown some absolute stinkers in the minors this year, and that has to be a part of your evaluation. He has also shown the opposite, tossing two shutout outings in a row, compiling 13 innings and 14 Ks. At 24, he is right there and seems ready to make the call if need be, especially with plenty of innings under his belt this season. Slot him in the rotation and see how he does.

The other part of this, which might be tougher for Mariners fans here, is that the Reds would want MLB ready arms. You can't just toss them a 19-year-old with a bad floor and a high ceiling. Maybe it happens, I'm not Hollander or Dipoto. I do think it needs to be someone who can throw now, and that's why it's likely going to need to be someone like Ty Adcock, Isaiah Campbell, or Travis Kuhn. They are a bullpen piece, but the Reds need pitching, and you could use them as a 2-3 IP spot starter if need be.

The Mariners should definitely call the Reds about Jonathan India. Let's just hope that when the deal is announced, we see a SP prospect who isn't already in the majors heading to Cinci. The Mariners need to make some moves to fight for the playoffs, and this could be a good one for them.