Down on the Farm: Promotion-ready Prospects

Seattle Mariners Photo Day
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Modesto Nuts (23-23, 2nd in California League North)

Just as Everett's hot start prompted a few early promotions, Modesto could follow suit. The Nuts have several players warranting a jump up the organizational ladder. First, Gabriel Gonzalez, who checks in as the Mariners' seventh-rated prospect. He is repeating the Single-A level and reaping the benefits (.360/.419/.946). The 20-year-old is on a massive hot streak accumulating multiple hits in ten straight games. Unfortunately, at this point, he doesn't have anything else to prove.

Second, Cole Young. He is another youngster who is primed and ready for the Northwest League. The 2022 first-round pick displays actual control and zone tendencies (33 BB/31 SO), while providing an all-fields approach resulting in extra-base hits. In addition, Young has notched 11 doubles and five triples and ripped his first homer of the year this week. The slash line is also solid (.281/.418/.839). Yes, more power would be excellent, but he is only 19 in a league where his competition is typically two years older. It's time for him to join Harry Ford in Everett.

Plenty of intriguing arms are on the pitching side, each with an upside and many questions. However, if any arms go up north, we must start with Brandon Schaeffer.

The 23-year-old southpaw is older for this league and comes from a power five conference school (North Carolina). He has a good feel for his secondaries and has a sneaky fastball. Schaeffer leads the team in ERA (3.15), WHIP (1.25), SO (54), and games started with ten. Others in consideration could be Stefan Raeth and Shaddon Peavyhouse.