Could Mariners break fans' hearts and let Blake Snell go to a divisional rival?

It's been a long offseason of waiting for Blake Snell as he still hasn't signed with less than 2 weeks until Opening Day. Could that wait be coming to an end?
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It pains me to write this and I really hope it doesn't happen but Mariners' rival the Houston Astros are serious about signing Blake Snell. With a ton of injuries to their starting rotation, mainly Justin Verlander it makes a ton of sense for the Astros to sign Blake Snell. Let's just hope it doesn't happen for Mariner fans' sake. Everyone knows that Blake Snell wants to be a Mariner and not an Astro.

Astros are serious contenders to sign Blake Snell

Since Blake Snell hasn't signed he has been doing his own spring training type work back in Seattle to get ready for the upcoming season. He threw in front of scouts for the Astros and Giants and it sounds like he looks ready to go for the season. Now it isn't known if there were other teams there but I am sure teams with needs like the Yankees were there. Who knows maybe the Mariners had scouts there and Blake Snell could come in at the final hour and save Blake Snell from the Astros.

I have always been on the sign Blake Snell bandwagon because the Mariners are one or two injuries away from being in trouble with their starting rotation. The only depth they really have is Emerson Hancock who will start the season with the Tacoma Rainiers.

With all of the recent injuries in the bullpen to Matt Brash and Gregory Santos I would not be opposed to putting someone like Bryan Woo in the bullpen to limit his innings. In 2022 Woo threw 132.2 innings over time in AA and the MLB. Before that, the most he had ever thrown was 57 innings in 2022. The Mariners need more depth! If the Astros do sign Snell I will be Michael when Toby returns to Dunder Mifflin on the Office. Let's pray it doesn't come to that.