Check out these cool Julio Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez Bobbleheads!

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners
Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

If you don't have some sort of Mariners memoribilia in your home or at your office, we got you covered. Also, what's wrong with you? To make sure your co-workers know about your fandom, I wanted to share some cool bobbleheads that I found this week. There are a handful over at FOCO that you can check out, but the ones that I wanted to talk about are two of their newest ones, with Julio Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez.

For any of the Mariners stuff, I would suggest going through this link to get there, as it brings you right to all of the Mariners swag that they have.

First off, we have the Edgar Martinez one. 'Gar is one of the best hitters to ever approach the plate and is arguably the greatest DH to ever don that position. Growing up as a Mariners fan, Edgar made it a lot of fun rooting for the Mariners, and a joy to turn into any game looking for someone who was a true master at hitting a baseball. Anyone who roots for the Mariners should know about Edgar and the role he played in helping the Mariners get to the postseason, especially with his insane 1995 season and even better playoff run.

If you are looking for something with the current Mariners, they also have a Julio Rodriguez Rookie of the Year Bobblehead. Julio hasn't been playing to the same levels that he did in 2022 during his ROY season, but he has still been doing incredibly well for a 22-year-old that has become the Face of the Franchise already.

He's hitting the ball just as hard, has had a bit of bad luck, but is going opposite more often, showing that he is working on becoming a more well-rounded hitter... not that the guy above knew anything about slashing opposite-field doubles. Heading into the final day of July, Julio is still slashing .251/.315/.425 with a 2.8WAR. Not the same as last year, but he has definitely been heating up lately.

Check out one of those two bobbleheads if you are looking for something new to put up in your fancave, whether its a desk, shelf, or entire room dedicated to the team, either one of those bobbleheads would be great additions for your Mariners fandom.