Build your Mariners memorabilia collection with a red-hot Ichiro Suzuki bobblehead!

Back in 2001, Ichiro Suzuki was a red-hot rookie with the Mariners. In honor of that fantastic Sports Illustrated cover, check out this bobblehead of that cover
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Atheltics
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Atheltics / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Some news came out earlier this week that Authentic and Minute Media had purchased Sports Illustrated. Details are still coming out, but it got me thinking about Sports Illustrated once again. How great they used to be "back in the day". How they were THE ONE when it came to coverage, battling ESPN for the top spot. In turn, that brought me to thinking about one of the best Mariners' we have ever had the joy of watching, and the cover that he had during his fantastic rookie season.

Ichiro graced the cover back during his 2001 rookie season. As a new teenager, I remember just how fun and exciting Ichiro was. We went camping for 7-10 days every summer, and I would buy a newspaper just so I could read through the sports section and check how Ichiro was doing. Would his incredible rookie season continue? That was the thought every morning opening the paper.

It was nice to see him nationally recognized, and how quickly he became one of the biggest names in baseball. If you were a fan of that cover, now you have a chance to bring that into your Mariners memorabilia collection, albeit in a slightly different manner. You can get your hands on a bobblehead that honors that cover, and I think it looks incredible, so I wanted to share it with everyone.

Build your collection with another wonderful Ichiro Suzuki Bobblehead

The first of ten straight seasons of 200 hits, a .300+ BA, and a Gold Glove to go with it in each season that decade. That first season though, it was magical. Rookie of the Year. MVP. GG. SS. A .350 BA and a career high 56 steals. Ichiro was red-hot indeed, and now you can add to your bobblehead collection with one that is reminiscent of that season.