Bryce Miller and Easton McGee have had incredible MLB debuts for the Mariners

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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I'll get it out of the way right off the top. Yes, I know McGee threw three innings last year in relief. However, headlines can only be so long, and it was easier, and catchier, to have it as it is. This was McGee's first MLB start as well as his Mariners debut, so I thought it fit just fine. Now, on to the fun stuff. Easton McGee and Bryce Miller were both incredible, and record setting, in their debuts for the Mariners.

Yes, you read that right. Record setting. Each of them set a Mariners record in their debuts. Which one was more impressive? That's up for debate. Shoot, there is an argument to be made that even amidst each of their wonderful starts, they were still outpitched by the opponent. Kevin Gausman went 7 scoreless, striking out 13, while giving up 6 hits and one walk. Mason Miller went 7 as well, holding the Mariners hitless while walking 4 and striking out 6.

If you want to go straight to Game Score for the 4 of them and use that to figure out who did the best, here is how it would look.

Mason Miller - 79
Kevin Gausman - 77
Bryce Miller - 74
Easton McGee - 73

All of them were super close, and sort of shows why Game Score is a very useful tool for measuring dominance as well as effectiveness. We're here to talk about the Mariners though... well, their pitching, not their ineptitude on offense. Let's look at the starts from Easton McGee and Bryce Miller.