Bleacher Report names the Mariners as the best landing spot for these 3 players

With a ton of really good players still available, we take a look at a recent Bleacher Report article, where the Mariners were identified as the best landing spot for 3 players on the trade block.

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Honorable Mention - Mariners are 2nd or 3rd best fit for these two players

Before we get into the three that the Mariners were listed as the best landing spot for, I wanted to touch on two very interesting players that the Mariners were listed as a potential fit for, just not the best.

No. 14 Jorge Polanco

I am a big fan of Polanco, and he would allow you to set him as the everyday second baseman while platooning Josh Rojas and Luis Urias at third base. He has had trouble staying healthy, but he has been a really solid player when he plays. He is on a one-year deal so the cost to acquire him wouldn't be very expensive.

No. 6 Christian Yelich

The next name on the list, who checked in at number six, is a name we have talked about once or twice this offseason, Christian Yelich. The trade to acquire Yelich would be pretty messy, as Yelich still has five years and $130 million remaining on his contract. It would take the Brewers eating a massive chunk of that, and I don't see a package working out for both teams considering the Mariners budget constraints. If they could get Yelich down to $15 million a year, though, he is still a very solid player, putting up a 4.1 fWAR season in 2023.