As relievers start to sign in free agency, could Mariners instead trade for Devin Williams?

The Brewers are looking to rebuild and the Mariners really need to add to their bullpen. They have already subtracted one piece in Isaiah Campbell. How about replacing him with the best reliever in the game?
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Mariners Acquire Devin Williams for Harry Ford, Jonatan Clase and Walter Ford

Ford is one of the top 2 Mariners prospects depending on who you ask. He is the prize of this deal as the 39th overall prospect in all of baseball. He seems like the ideal Dipoto player running walk rates near 19% and 20% the last 2 years, but that is the price to get a guy like Williams. He has posted an OBP over 400 in every season while hitting double-digit home runs the last 2 years. From the reports I have read, Ford has made some big strides behind the dish, but is athletic enough to play almost anywhere on the diamond.

Clase gives the Brewers a high-upside outfielder. Clase possesses elite speed with over 70 stolen bases this year while throwing in some pop, 20 home runs in 2023. He is probably safely a 4th outfielder with some interesting tools with the ceiling to be an everyday outfielder with 15 home run pop and could lead baseball in steals. Ford is a young, but talented pitcher. He was a high pick a couple of years ago and has a very high ceiling.