As May comes to a close, here are 3 reasons why the Mariners will make the playoffs... and 3 why they won't

New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners
New York Yankees v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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We've just turned the corner on another month in the Mariners season. Although June 1st holds no special meaning other than the start of a new month, it feels like the right time to take an updated look at how things are going with the Mariners so far in 2023.

Now, some of you doom and gloomers (we even have some of them here) are wallowing in misery like a pig does mud on a hot day. Woe is me, the season is over, blah blah blah. Yes, the Mariners have struggled a bit against teams with winning records (10-17 with a -14 run differential), it's not near as bad as it looks. We will get into that a bit later.

However, their Pythagorean win/loss should be 31-25 right now, showing that this team has been a bit unlucky. It's easy to look at this team and see where the main need is, as most nights the offense is lackluster compared to what we were hoping for at the start of the season, especially after the offseason additions.

Yet, the Mariners are still sitting two games above .500 as they enter into play for their first series of June. June 1st is an off day, which makes it seem like a great choice for looking at 3 reasons why this team is still going to make the playoffs... and 3 reasons they won't. Let's go back and forth style on this.