All-time Mariners’ infield of best players who got away

The Mariners have let some star players go in their history. Whether it's free agency or trade, here is what their All-Time lineup could've looked like, starting in the infield dirt.
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DH - David Ortiz - (9/13/1996) Was the PTBNL in a deal with Minnesota for 3B Dave Hollins.

A 3x World Series Champ with Boston, Big Papi was also a 10x All-Star, 7x Silver Slugger Award winner, and 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee who also received MVP votes for 8 different seasons. Need I say more?

Yes, one can argue that we already had one of, if not the top, DH in MLB history, but what if we had Ortiz play more first base to begin his career? He did so sparingly with the Twins and even in his first couple of seasons in Boston before he turned solely into a DH. If his name itself doesn't do the trick for you, Ortiz had a career WAR of 55.3, which is almost as many wins the Mariners had in total in 2008, to put that in perspective.

Although he found his footing with the Red Sox, it is safe to say that the Mariners and the Twins both struck out big-time... I have yet to hear anyone that has said they would have rather had Dave Hollins over 'Big Papi', especially for the fact that we only had Hollins for roughly 2 months. Safe to say this trade was even worse than the Varitek deal.