After their latest shocking trade, the Mariners now have the best bullpen in baseball

The Mariners acquired Gregory Santos, creating a dominant trio with Matt Brash and Andres Munoz. Due to that, they now have the best bullpen in baseball.

Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Mariners had a dominant duo in their bullpen in 2023. I think you could ask anyone in baseball, and they would talk about the depression and fear that would befall them whenever thye had to face Matt Brash and Adnres Munoz in back-to-back innings. One of the dirtiest sliders in all of baseball, followed up by one of the most dominant sliders in all of baseball.

Now, after the Mariners made their latest trade to acquire Gregory Santos, the Mariners have added to that group and given them not just a great trio, not just a great bullpen, but the best bullpen in all of baseball. Thank you to the White Sox for making the Mariners the scariest back third in all of baseball.

With Gregory Santos, Matt Brash, and Andres Munoz, the Mariners have the best bullpen in baseball.

Is this an instant-overreaction to a move that we are reacting to more with our heart than our mind? I really don't think that it is. Matt Brash made some waves earlier this offseason when it came out that opponents were going up to the plate, knowing that they were going to see the slider, swinging knowing that it was going to be a slider, and still missing and looking foolish. Opponents hit .162 with a SLG of .216 against the pitch this season. Good, right?

It's funny because you could argue that he doesn't even have the best slider on the team. That honor would go to the guy who is set to close games for the MArienrs this year in Andres Munoz. Munoz swept through the baseball world in 2022 with one of the most dominant sliders that people have seen in a long time. Opponents hit .126 with a SLG of .176 against his slider that year. That's disgusting.

Now, you are adding Gregory Santos to this mix. In 2023, he had a 2.65 FIP, one of the better marks in baseball. It shows that he could've been even better than his numbers suggested. His slider is in the realm of Brash and Munoz, as opponents hit .196 with a SLG of .203 against it last season. His savant numbers look astounding, and are just red, red, and dark red all over the place.

The Mariners got a monster, even if he does just have the one season so far in the bigs. If they can find success with him like he had in 2023? The rest of the league is going to be in trouble every time that any game gets to the 7th inning. The Mariners have put together one of the most... check that, THE most dominant bullpen in all of baseball.