5 Seattle Mariners Poised to Take Off in 2024!

It's early in the Spring, but there are a handful of Mariners who are standing out and surprising fans. Here are 5 Mariners who have impressed so far
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Several Mariners are ready to take off this season! A few have come off tough years with injuries. I believe these statistics predict a great season for these players.


1. Emerson Hancock was sidelined with an injury last season but looks great in Spring Training. He has pitched two innings with no hits, no runs, no walks, and eight strikeouts. Perfect! He is already on the Mariners’ Depth Chart as a starter. Ryan Divish quoted Scott Servais: “I thought Emerson Hancock was awesome. It’s probably the best we’ve ever seen Hancock from his stuff to his presence on the mound and that changeup was lights-out. Really good outing by him today.” It is difficult to improve on this endorsement!

Reid Van Scoter, currently on the Aquasox roster, has also had a great start. In four innings pitched, he had one hit, one run, one walk, and seven strikeouts. He's a great honorable mention here, and someone worth keeping an eye on to see how he does in the Minors.

Position Players/Hitters

2. Mitch Haniger Haniger had a rough season with the Giants in 2023. In June, Mitch was hit with a pitch (take note, Ty France!) that broke his arm. He was out for two months. Then he strained his back in September which put him on the injured list again.

In Spring Training, Mitch looks terrific. He has said that he is very glad to be back in Seattle and his enthusiasm shows in his hitting. In eight at-bats, Mitch had four hits (including one double and two HRs), two runs, and three RBI. He currently has a BA of 500. I saw no indication of the injuries he had last year, and his health is going to be a massive indicator of the Mariners' success in 2024.

3. Dylan Moore Dylan Moore also has a batting average of .500 for Spring Training. Moore had a down year in 2023. His batting average was .207 and he had a strikeout rate of 39 percent.
Spring Training has reintroduced the Dylan Moore with whom we are more familiar. In his eight at-bats, Dylan had four hits, three runs, and three walks. Not too shabby at all!

4. Jorge Polanco Jorge comes to us after 10 years in Minnesota. In 10 ABs, he has one run, four hits, two RBIs, four walks, and a .400 BA. I am excited to watch more of his hitting and field work!

5. Josh Rojas We were able to see Josh Rojas for less than half the season since he arrived at the trade deadline.  He is looking strong this offseason. In 12 at-bats, he has two runs, four hits (including two doubles and one HR), three RBIs, two walks, and one stolen base. His BA is currently .333.

Other Observations

Former Miami and Milwaukee player Brian Anderson has a .400 BA after five at-bats during Spring Training. He has one run, two hits (one a double; the other an HR) and five RBIs. He is an experienced third baseman and can also play right field. He might be an option for 3B individually or in a platoon. He could also relieve Mitch Hainger as needed. Johnny Farmelo has a .500 batting average after four times at bat. He currently is an outfielder for the Modesto Nuts.  Ryan Bliss, Tyler Locklear, Jonatan Clase, and Cole Young also have great numbers right now.

Exciting times! Go, Mariners!