5 expendable Mariners players Seattle can move at the trade deadline for offense

The Mariners will look to add offense, and these 5 players could be expendable pieces that get you that big bat
Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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Should the Mariners capitalize on Bryan Woo's value before something really bad happens?

This Mariners team has been built on solid pitching, there is no question about that. The one through five is arguably one of the best in the game. It will carry this team and if the Mariners hope to make a deep playoff run, it will be because of the pitching staff. So why trade your hottest pitcher with years of club control?

Well, to start, Woo would fetch you an incredible return. Woo has been one of the best pitchers in baseball this year (even if it is in a limited capacity) and is still in pre-arbitration. Woo would easily be the centerpiece of a deal that could get you Luis Robert or another super star type of player.

The biggest reason, however, is the injury concerns surrounding Woo. The best ability is availability, right? Woo underwent Tommy John surgery in April of 2021 and has slowly worked his way up in innings pitched.

The Mariners were dealt a huge scare when Woo was scratched from his start Wednesday against the White Sox and was set to undergo an MRI. Luckily, those results came back "perfectly clean" according to Justin Hollander.

How much do you want to risk it, though? Do you want to continue to hope that he can stay healthy and give you 140-150 innings a year, dealing with a couple of trips to the injured list? Maybe that's unfair, but arm injuries are a big topic among baseball pitchers and the Mariners need to at least entertain the thought of Woo's health and what he could return for this struggling offense.