5 expendable Mariners players Seattle can move at the trade deadline for offense

The Mariners will look to add offense, and these 5 players could be expendable pieces that get you that big bat
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Tyler Locklear could fetch a proven slugger

The Mariners need offense, so why would they trade their best hitter who is major league ready? It's pretty simple really, trusting a rookie to produce at a major offensive position, is a lot of pressure to put on a 23-year-old. With the injury to France, Locklear was given the chance to prove what he could do, and he has been pretty solid. France was expected to be out for quite a while with a heel fracture, but the Mariners (and France) were dealt great news as Hollander said that they don't expect him to miss much more time than the 10 days.

With France coming back, he will take the first base job back and there is a way that Locklear can remain on the roster, as a DH, but it gets crowded. Garver is heating up and has more proven ability offensively and could be a big reason this offense gets going.

That puts Locklear back in Tacoma where the Mariners could send him to get some more playing time after a quick call up due to the France injury. They could also package him in a deal for a proven slugger. Locklear will have a lot of value, especially if he capitalizes on the chance while France is on the injured list. Locklear has recently moved into some top 100 prospects list and could be a piece in a deal to acquire someone like Christian Walker or Vladimir Guerrero Jr.