4 moves the Mariners could do to fix every hole in their lineup

The Mariners are faced with a lineup with plenty of holes in it. Here are 4 moves that they could make to fix every single one of them
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As we sit here trying to figure out what the Mariners are going to do with their lineup, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Even at the end of 2023, if you would've brought everyone back to the team, you were still looking at a team that wanted to add 1-2 more bats. You could've gotten away with one of them, but that would've been a Mariners lineup that still had Teoscar Hernandez, Eugenio Suarez, and Jarred Kelenic.

Now? Well, this is what the lineup could look like if you had to create one with the current players that wear a Seattle mariners uniform.

1. SS - JP Crawford
2. CF - Julio Rodriguez
3. C - Cal Raleigh
4. 3B - Luis Urias
5. 1B - Ty France
6. LF - Dylan Moore
7. RF - Dominic Canzone
8. DH - Jose Caballero
9. 2B - Josh Rojas

There are way too many holes in that lineup. Outside of your top two hitters, you don't have a single player hitting where they should be from 3-7. Raleigh should probably be your 5, and France should be your 7 with how he hit in 2023. I think it's fair to say that this lineup has 4 holes in it. 3B, DH, LF, and RF.

After the most recent trade of Jarred Kelenic, Evan White, and Marco Gonzales, there is an argument to be made that the Mariners are sitting with around $115-$120M, depending on where you look. It came out the other day that the Mariners are looking to get to between $150M and $170M. Let's try and split this about down the middle, and give them $40M to spend.

Knowing that the Mariners "have" $40M to spend, here are 4 moves that they can make to fill every hole in that lineup.
Current Salary ~$120M
Current Holes: DH, 3B, LF, RF