4 Free Agent Bats That May End Up In Seattle

With the exception of a relatively unknown player by the name of Shohei Ohtani, this year's free agent class isn't quite as alluring as last year's. Nonetheless, there are still some valuable position players that could significantly bolster the Mariners' relatively weak lineup.
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3. Joc Pederson

Joining the long list of current and former Dodgers DHs that are available on the free agent market, Joc Pederson is coming off of a down-year in 2023 that was a less-impressive version of his 2022 campaign in almost every way. He was still able to post a .764 OPS and a 111 OPS+ but was unable to salvage a pathetic San Francisco Giants offense in the second half.

His hitter profile is reminiscent of Kyle Schwarber, although much more balanced. His average exit velocity of 92.1mph is in the 91st percentile and his hard-hit rate of 52.2% is in the 96th percentile. He's also got some of the best plate discipline in the sport, boasting a 13.4% walk rate to complement his power.

Despite his clear ability to hit the ball hard, he hit just 15 home runs and 14 doubles this year, a surprisingly low number of extra base hits. He's actually a good example of the importance of expected stats, as his 2023 xwOBA of .368 is almost identical to his 2022 xwOBA of .367, meaning his actual figures may be underselling his value as a hitter.

After the firing of manager Gabe Kapler and two dissapointing seasons for the San Francisco Giants, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise for Pederson to seek more stable surroundings as he enters his 30s. Seattle might be a good long-term place for him if he's able to keep up his ability to swing a bat.