4 Free Agent Bats That May End Up In Seattle

With the exception of a relatively unknown player by the name of Shohei Ohtani, this year's free agent class isn't quite as alluring as last year's. Nonetheless, there are still some valuable position players that could significantly bolster the Mariners' relatively weak lineup.
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
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4. Jorge Soler

In his best full-season since 2019, Joge Soler slashed .250/.341/.512 for an OPS of .853, good enough for his first-ever all-star appearance. He had the second most RBI on the Marlins at 75, just three shy of his teammate Bryan De La Cruz and hit 36 home runs and 24 doubles.

To put it simply, Soler hits the ball hard (91.4mph average EV), strikes out a lot (24.5%), and walks a good amount (11.3%). He'd undoubtedly introduce some much needed power to the Seattle lineup and could fill in at either DH or RF. This means he'd likely be competing for Teoscar Hernandez's current spot on the team and given Hernandez's own impending free agency, could serve as an upgrade.

Soler does have a $13.5 million 2024 player option and with the Marlins playoff appearance (despite it being incredibly short and sad), he might have a good reason to exercise it. Teoscar's one-year contract was for $14 million so it's also possible that the front office is able to outcompete Miami's current offer and bring Soler to the PNW instead.