3 ways Dominic Canzone can be a difference maker for the Mariners in 2024

The Mariners acquired Dominic Canzone at the trade deadline in 2023. He has the opportunity to be their starting left fielder in 2024.
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He's young and healthy

Not to jinx Dominic Canzone's health, but he is younger and healthier than most players on this roster. Whereas outfielders Mitch Haniger and Luke Raley are coming off seasons where they missed time due to injury, Canzone was not on the disabled list last season. His youth is also important to note, as he still has yet to play a full season in the big leagues. Last year was Canzone's rookie season which means he still has his whole future in front of him.

After flashing what he could do as the Mariners starting left fielder in 2023 and having a strong spring, the starting left field position is Canzone's to lose. He has earned the starting position out of spring camp and should be the Mariners Opening Day starter. In a lineup with a few players who have significant injury histories, Canzone will provide stability and consistency at a position of need for the Mariners in 2024.

At 26, he is also more mature than most young players in the game, and he has slowly but surely built himself into a major league player. Canzone has worked for four seasons in the minor leagues to get to this point in his career after being selected in the eighth round of the 2019 MLB Draft out of Ohio State University. The future for Dominic Canzone is bright, and the Mariners are hoping he can take the next step in his big league career.