3 teams the Mariners could trade with as they are reportedly listening to trade proposals for starting pitchers

It came out that the Mariners are still listening to trade proposals for their starting pitchers. Here are three teams they could be listening most intently to
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Trade Candidate #3: Boston Red Sox

Yup, every single team is from the AL East. Why? Because I think they all see an opening or potential to make a move and get to a WC spot. Is that worth trading from a position of surplus to meet a need? I think so, and it's why I think all these AL East teams would be interested in a move. They know that the teams in their own division need to do something, so they need to beat them to the punch.

This is another one that we have talked about in the past, although it may hold a little less opportunity now. Duran is still an option as an instant offensive upgrade, but the Mariners OF becomes crowded. Haniger/Raley/Duran, and then you have France/Garver at 1B/DH. Mayer would make more sense, but you have to wonder if he would make enough of an impact right away and be able to play 3B.

The Red Sox definitely need a starting pitcher. Would it be worth it for the Mariners to try and figure out the technicalities of where to put people in order to get a bat like Duran? Do you try and get Duran and Mayer for Gilbert? I see a move with them happening as less likely than it was a month ago before Haniger and Raley got here, but it's still worth it if Jerry can increase value.

There may be other teams out there, like the Cardinals, Rockies, or a surprise candidate. Jerry and Justin never sleep, so if they are listening expect them to be cooking up something fun.