3 teams the Mariners could trade with as they are reportedly listening to trade proposals for starting pitchers

It came out that the Mariners are still listening to trade proposals for their starting pitchers. Here are three teams they could be listening most intently to

Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers
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Trade Candidate #2: Tampa Bay Rays

This is the one that people have been looking at, thinking about, and contemplating all offseason. For good reason too, as it just seems like a match that makes sense. Shoot, it does more than the Orioles one.

The Rays are looking to cut money, as evidenced by the Tyler Glasnow deal. They've always been under $100M, and reports had it that they've never been over $89. They could look to cut cap even further by trading away Arozarena, and he's been the name that Mariners fans really seem to want. Would trading Miller or Woo for Arozarena (and whatever from either side to have it make sense) be the route to take here?

The Rays get what they love, in a young and controllable starting pitcher that is already showing promise. Plug him into the rotation for the next 5 years or so, and you don't have to worry about paying him anything other than his arb numbers, and those are still a few years away from being impactful on that side of things.

The Mariners increase their payroll by a little bit, but get another massively impact bat to pair with Julio. JP, Julio, and Arozarena as your top three (in whatever order you want) would increase this team's ceiling a lot. Or you look at Paredes to play third, which would fit the needs of the Mariners more.