3 teams the Mariners could trade with as they are reportedly listening to trade proposals for starting pitchers

It came out that the Mariners are still listening to trade proposals for their starting pitchers. Here are three teams they could be listening most intently to

Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers
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Being semi-involved in the journalism/media world, you start to notice more at how headlines are formed and which ones are done for attention, and which ones are done solely to report information. You could see a "Mariners looking to trade away starting pitching" as the title, only to see that they are listening as offers come in, and haven't put anyone off limits. That's a misleading title, unless it's explicitly stated within the article.

All to often, it isn't and it's a title that grabs the attention and is drawn from interpretation rather than fact. Think what you want about Jim Bowden, but I do like the style at which he posted his latest tweet regarding the Seattle Mariners.

Nothing misleading. Just the fact that the Mariners are listening to trade proposals for their starting pitchers. Not that they are actively looking to do anything, just that they are keeping their ears open. Maybe it's expected, but it's a good thing to hear.

The part that is a bit hard to understand is the Snell section. Is he saying that if the Mariners trade one of them that they are going to sign Snell? Or just that it would be a next reasonable step to take? I know plenty of people here at Sodo Mojo want the Mariners to sign Snell, so it would definitely make them happy if it happened.

It did get me thinking. If the Mariners were to trade one of their starting pitchers, who would be the most interested or the most likely teams that a deal would happen with? It would likely be Bryce Miller or Bryan Woo, with an outside shot that they go bigger and move Logan Gilbert. Here are the 3 top candidates that I think would end up making a deal with the Mariners.