3 Takeaways from the Mariners signing RP Austin Voth to an MLB Contract

The Mariners filled out their 40-man roster by signing RP Austin Voth to a one-year deal. Here are three takeaways after their latest move.

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After a glut of reliever signings, could a trade be next?

The Mariners signed Voth along with the two mentioned earlier, Buttrey and Krehbiel, along with recent claimee Mauricio Llovera from the Red Sox. You now have four additions to compete for spots in the pen, along with a couple of minor leaguers (like Berroa) that could be pushing for a spot.

Once again, the Mariners have used that developmental strength and small signings to create a strength and surplus. We saw the Urias and Hernandez additions via trades. So, could another one be coming?

The Mariners are still looking for another bat, whether it's a small addition or a big one, it's going to need to be for a 2B/3B/possible outfielder. It does seem like their outfield is locked up now with Raley and Haniger in the fold, but a RP+another hitter could look to net someone bigger in one of those spots.

It doesn't seem like the Mariners are ever able to make just one move, and it's normally more of a domino effect. Move A and Move B lead to the possibility for move C. Is that going to be coming next? Is it Kepler in the outfield? Is it another utility guy? Is there a 3B or 2B option out there on a pitching-needy team that is willing to make the move?

They all have to be on Dipoto+Hollander's plate, and I have to imagine that it is something they are continually working on. With Austin Voth having signed, I can't see this being the last addition to the team. Whether it is or not, welcome to Seattle, Austin.