3 Takeaways from the Mariners signing RP Austin Voth to an MLB Contract

The Mariners filled out their 40-man roster by signing RP Austin Voth to a one-year deal. Here are three takeaways after their latest move.
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Success in baseball thrives on the long game and the quiet moves

A big part of the reason for the Mariners recent success that they have seen (8th-most regular season wins in the last three seasons) is their bullpen. They have grabbed guys through a combination of the draft, via trades, or small signings, and turned them into massive weapons.

Those are all relatively quiet things to do. No big splashes in the bullpen by spending big money on people, instead working with lesser knowns to mold them into the pitchers you want and getting their repertoire into what you deem most effective. Even snagging someone like Andres Munoz and then inking him to a long-term deal, while mildly risky, can pay off massively in the end.

There is also another aspect to this. If you are able to consistently do this, or at least more consistently than most teams, you are able to turn those players not just into good major leaguers in your bullpen, but into trade assets. Taking advantage of a strength of your system in order to improve other aspects that you struggle at developing or signing. They don't always work out, but it gives you a leg up on continued success.

Speaking of trades...