3 takeaways from the complete Mariners Diamond Dynasty Rankings in MLB the Show 24

MLB The Show 24 is finally here, and it's time to take a look at the Mariners' Diamond Dynasty Rankings.

Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners
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The 3 Diamond Dynasty Mariners rankings that make the most sense

Julio Rodriguez at 87

This has him as the 3rd best center fielder, behind only Judge and Trout. At this point, it's hard to argue that. Julio has shown some inconsistencies, but we all know that he has one of the highest ceilings in all of baseball. The stat that stood out to me a bit was his speed at 92, steal at 70, and BR aggressiveness at 76. Julio gets picked off a lot, but he is one of the fastest players in baseball, so these seem a bit off but are still defensible.

Cal Raleigh at 81

Massive power against RHP makes Cal a formidable choice at catcher, with a quite impressive 94 there. He's a diamond behind the plate as well, making him one of the best defensive options. An arm strength of 81 and accuracy of 76 are both actually great in-game numbers, and just like 2023, you can snipe many a would-be base stealer with Big Dumper.

Bryce Miller at 75

I love that he is already getting his due in-game. A break of 99, velo of 90, and BB/9 of 80 shows that Miller can move the ball around the zone while making hitters look silly. They've got his slider/slurve combo, meaning you can try to catch hitters off guard and induce weak contact if you mix those pitches correctly. For those who like using Mariners in this game mode, Miller makes for a fun early game pitcher to build up with.