3 takeaways from the complete Mariners Diamond Dynasty Rankings in MLB the Show 24

MLB The Show 24 is finally here, and it's time to take a look at the Mariners' Diamond Dynasty Rankings.
Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners
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The 3 Diamond Dynasty Mariners rankings that completely missed the mark

JP Crawford at 75

Seriously? I know Crawford isn't a great defender, but they still have him as a bronze hitter. For someone who was a top-3 offensive shortstop in baseball in 2023, you think they would give him a bit more recognition. Instead, he is T-19th ranked for shortstops in the game. That's embarassing. At least make him a high silver or low gold hitter built up by good plate discipline and vision.

Taylor Saucedo at 65

Saucedo had a 3.59 ERA and a 113 ERA+ last season. That seems like it should earn him a bit more success in-game. I'm not saying that he should be a silver, but 65 is borderline unusable in the game. A 65 ranking is good for T-199th for relievers. There is a 0% chance that there are 198 relievers that are better than Saucedo in baseball, and that doesn't even count closers, who are their own category in-game.

Matt Brash at 76

At least they got his 99 break and 99 velo right. Brash is one of the nastiest relievers in baseball, and it's not just having stuff. He used it incredibly well last season en route to one of the top WAR marks for relievers in baseball. Yet, he is ranked as T-17th for RP. Is Matt Moore really better than Brash? Go take a look at the list if you want to get angry.

I love MLB The Show and have been playing it as much as I can since the early release came out. I know there are always going to be rankings we don't agree with, but some of these are just plain wrong, especially the JP Crawford one. Best of luck with your teams this year, and hopefully we see an early change (for the good) to some of these Mariners cards.